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New Business Cards!

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After going to a conference or two, I realized something--I needed business cards + I needed them F-A-S-T. The only issue, I wear too many hats. Too many hats as in I have too many hobbies + interests. Although that's not usually a bad thing, when trying to explain what you do it could be a bit confusing for potential clients.

In comes Moo--custom business card nirvana. The best part, they allow you to make a set of cards with different images + website information! Problem solved. I ordered 50 cards, but got 10 of each design I wanted within the pack! If that's not the best, I don't know what is.


For my simple, go-to card I wanted my signature geometric-like design. I designed one with my favorite koi pond print + the other with my city landscape image. I included the link for my main website, This one is perfect for random job interviews + for general use.

salshutz-business cards

I also wanted an Etsy business card because, hey, it's my business! Both play on my geometric focus, but one features the vintage side + the other represents the print shop side of my business. Instead of my general website address, those who receive this one will have my shop link.

salshutz-business cards

And finally, a card for my food blog for when I go to food conferences. I chose one of my favorite images to be front and center. It shows my peach and raspberry cobbler recipe, one of my favorite recipes too!

salshutz-business cards

Check out THIS LINK for 10% off Moo products and up your business card game, because they got you covered.

*This post is NOT sponsored by Moo, I just love (em)!*