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Branding Print (Em) Part I

printem branding.jpg

Over the weekend I decided to organize my brand identity so that I could see what was working and what would need work moving forward. For this post we are tackling three important aspects every brand needs: logo, colors and fonts.

Logo // My logo is super simple because it was designed to work on the Etsy shop page. It needed to be longer lengthwise than height wise, and since illustration is not my forte I kept it text-focused. I used three different fonts to differentiate between the shop and my own branding. I think I would update my logo next, but for now it's just fine.

Colors // These colors are the main colors that my products come in: white with black, gold and silver. I love these colors because my brand is meant to work with, not against, existing design aesthetics. These colors are versatile enough to work in any space.

Fonts // These three fonts make up my logo, and I love them all. I was looking for a font that looked handwritten, but was very clear to read. Amatic bold fit that bill perfectly. I like Pacifico because it adds a bit of fun, but again, is very easy to read. Ever After is the most serious font, but it plays with dimensions which my frames aim to do too. Together they convey (I hope!) a playful and youthful brand, but one that is design focused at the core.

I hope this was an interesting read for some of you! If you have brands of your own I'd love to hear about how to chose your logo, colors and fonts. Next time we tackle the branding of Print (Em) packaging.